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Harsh Breaking

Harsh Acceleration

Phone Call

Phone Usage


Daily Milage

Time of Day

Speed Monitor

Data gathered from Mobile Phones, OBDII or Black Box (hardwired) devices are analyzed with region specific algorithms, to come up with a driver score. This score is then used to represent the driving behavior levels of each driver.

Safe driving is a technique that can be learned anytime.

UBI Telematik’s mission is to improve driver behaviors leading to a decrease in the number of deaths and in the magnitude of claims.

Driver faults are in the first place among the reasons of crashes with an 89.6%.

Safe drivers and safer roads with UBI Telematic’s Solutions.

Our white-label, customizable and region-specific solution analyzes and improves driving behavior.

Telematics Solutions for Insurance Carriers

Usage Based Insurance (UBI)

UBI is the leader and pioneer in Usage Based insurance, in Turkey

Our Insurance clients, do not only decrease their portfolio risks, but also create an innovative and disruptive product thanks to our customized white-label mobile applications.

40% Decrease in Crash Rates and Magnitudes

First Notification of Loss

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Customized Flexible Platform for Casco and MTPL

Telematics Solutions for Fleets

Advanced Fleet Management

UBI combines traditional fleet tracking operation with innovative telematics solutions.

In addition to all tracking data, other telematics data that leads to driver safety and cost decrease are also tracked and analyzed.

Up-to 40% Decrease
in Crash Frequency and Impact

First Notification
of Loss (FNOL)

Increase in
Residual Value

Fraud Detection
and Prevention

Decrease in
Policy Prices

Decrease in
Fuel Consumption

Usage Based Insurance (UBI), Advanced Fleet Management, Driver and Road Safety

With an experience from 14 countries and more than 750.000 vehicles, UBI provides innovative, user friendly and high -tech telematics solutions for insurance carriers, telecom operators and fleets.