AT&T expands Connected Car product and service offerings

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AT&T is working to meet the needs of a growing number of tech savvy car owners looking for the latest in connected car technology.

According to a recent study by AT&T and Ericsson, 3 out of 4 consumers consider connected car services an important feature in their next car purchase.

We are expanding our connected car products and services in line with this strong customer demand. Beginning this week, AT&T Unlimited Plan customers may add select connected cars or a ZTE Mobley vehicle Wi-Fi plug-in device to the plan for $40 each month for unlimited data. Unlimited Plan customers also can get 1GB of data per month for $10 per connected car or ZTE Mobley. For more information, call 800-331-0500 or click here. Our connected car customers continue to have the option of a stand-alone data plan or adding their car to their Mobile Share Value Plan.

We also kicked off a new connected car national digital advertising campaign, called “A Whole New Ride.” This is our first advertising campaign focused on the benefits of wireless connectivity in the car. The campaign shows the value of turning your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot, told from a kid’s point of view. It will run on social media through July 5. To catch a glimpse of the new ad campaign, go to

“It’s incredible to think back to 10 years ago when we first started talking with automakers about connecting their cars. Fast forward to today. More and more cars are rolling off the line with embedded connectivity solutions,” said Chris Penrose, senior vice president, Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions, AT&T. “The interest we are seeing from carmakers and consumers around the world says this revolution is here to stay.”

As of 1Q2016, we have more than 8 million cars on our network and connect more than 50% of all new connected passenger vehicles in the U.S.



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