IoT / Connected Insurance – From Retro To Pro

The Unstoppable Surge of IoT IoT (Internet of Things) has long gone beyond a buzzword. International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts worldwide IoT spending to sustain a compound annual growth rate [...]

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Convenient, fast and hyper-relevant: Personalizing the insurance customer experience

Today’s insurance customers desire personalized, convenient and quick service. Accenture’s 2019 Global Financial Services Consumer Study made it more apparent than ever that serving customers in demographic segments is not [...]

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Insurance: key barriers to digital transformation

The forces of digital disruption continue to impact organizations of every size and in every industry, as consumers, employees, and partners expect everything to be on demand and [...]

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How insurers are prioritizing digital transformation initiatives

Every industry is grappling with how to achieve successful digital transformation and what processes to prioritize as consumers expect organizations to operate as intelligent enterprises. The digital mission in the insurance [...]

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Putting your customers at the heart of your insurance business

Digital Transformation within the insurance industry is reshaping the way in which traditional insurance companies interact with their customers. In recent years, the emergence of both comparison sites [...]

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3 Steps to Disrupt Insurance with Customer Technology

Digital Transformation within the insurance industry is reshaping the way in which traditional insurance companies interact with their customers. Making a claim on your insurance can often require [...]

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Start, Enable, and Scale Digital Transformation in Insurance

Most insurance CEOs have a clear idea of what they want to accomplish through digitization. In their ideal world, customers can choose when, where, and how to interact with [...]

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What Does Digital Transformation Mean for Insurance?

Digital transformation is important for many industries, however, for the insurance sector it’s a business priority. It’s not about adopting an innovative or solely external process; digital transformation in insurance requires [...]

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Digital Transformation In Insurance. What Is The Current State Of The Industry?

The digital transformation of the insurance industry is in full swing. Insurance companies, as well as banks and other financial service providers, are more and more becoming IT [...]

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Digital transformation is remaking insurance

In brief In five years, nearly all the insurance executives in our survey expect the industry to be transformed by digital technologies. Insurers have embraced this digital transformation, [...]

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