Smartphonisation is reshaping banking. Insurance is next, says new research from PTOLEMUS Consulting Group

A new PTOLEMUS study has found that less than 6% of all auto insurance policyholders worldwide actively use an insurer’s mobile app. This corresponds to 50 million drivers or half of [...]

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The telematics advantage: Driving data on the spot

With Americans clocking more time behind the wheel than ever before, additional miles can be a challenge to auto insurers. How can insurers make a dent in accident [...]

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The Future of Insurance: Usage-based Insurance and Autonomous Vehicles

Technology is rapidly changing the fleet industry. Telematics and GPS solutions are altering how fleets monitor their assets. Autonomous vehicles, though still in the initial stages, are flipping the [...]

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New Data Underscores How Common Distracted Driving Risks Have Become

With auto insurers increasingly worried about a spike in accidents related to distracted driving, results from a new study will only reinforce their fears. A little more than 52 [...]

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New digital era for insurers

Digital technology is rapidly developing and insurers need to keep up in order to thrive. Between social media interaction and the emergence of the sharing economy, P&C insurers [...]

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5 reasons to embrace telematics for the connected car: What insurers need to know

In the early 1990’s, credit-based insurance scoring caused a revolution in the insurance industry, as insurance companies used certain elements of a person’s credit history along with many [...]

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Are we safe drivers? Apparently not…

U.S. drivers are picking up some bad habits and they’re unwilling to let go of them. Despite a host of education campaigns and the fact that most know better, [...]

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Usage-based insurance: Telematics give insurers a competitive edge

The idea of usage-based insurance, or using data on driver behavior to price auto insurance, has been around almost as long as the industry itself. The difference between [...]

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University of Nevada, Reno’s Cybersecurity Center presents design for faster, safer automotive systems

While the next generation of cars will usher in new embedded computers that offer exciting comfort, performance, safety and entertainment applications, cybersecurity engineers are challenged to retain reliability [...]

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Telematics Insurance May Penalise Mobile Phone Use at the Wheel

Drivers who make calls at the wheel could find that their insurance premiums rocket under plans by insurers to monitor illegal calls and texts made while driving. Existing “telematic” [...]

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