Driverless bus to be launched in Singapore

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By early 2017, an autonomous vehicle in the form of a driverless shuttle bus will begin service in Singapore.The bus has the capacity to hold 15 passengers, and will travel between the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) campus and the CleanTech eco-business park.

The bus is developed by French firm Navya and called the ‘Arma’. The self driving bus is electrically driven and relies upon Lidar sensors and cameras to detect obstacles in its path. It transmits information about its GPS location to the base station so that operators can monitor where it is live.

Two large full-sized Self driving buses are also due to start functioning between the CleanTech park and NTU. The buses have been retrofitted with Lidar and other smart technologies, and researchers at the university are working on the software to manage them.



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