Cloud Based Scalable Infrastructure

All our products are designed to meet the GDPR. The apps are white-labelled and work on all new generation mobile devices

White-Label Applications

Both the mobile apps and web portals are offered as white-label and can be further customized according to your corporate identity.

Customizable Driving Score Algorithm

Our scoring algorithm can be customized according to the risk strategy of the program owner.

Device Agnostic Data Collection

UBI Telematics products can gather driving data from nearly all compatible devices including but not limited to Mobile Phones, Cigarette Lighter Adapter (CLA), OBDII and hardwired Black Boxes.

Unlimited API support

Thanks to our advanced API and swagger documentation, our solutions are easily integrated with your legacy systems or third-party partners’.

Agile Pilots

You can benefit from our pilot programs and start testing and learning about your targets’ needs as soon as possible and then grow your program successfully.

Driver Specific Safe Driver Feedbacks

Each driver receives specific safe driving feedbacks based on their own driving habits and can then easily prioritize which skills they need to improve the most.

Turn Key Solutions

You can always benefit from UBI Telematik’s planning, integration and application support as well as our unrivaled counselling services.

White-Label mobile phone applications delivered sooner than 90 days.

White-Label mobile phone applications delivered sooner than 90 days.

Technological Innovation Partner

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