Vehicle telematics industry professionals to meet next week in New Delhi

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Various market studies and research point out to the fact that goods and public transportation, logistics, personal transportation are going to benefit immensely with the dawn of vehicle telematics, a sunrise technological vertical in automotive industry. Its no more the cost of vehicle but the cost of ownership which matters now.

Additionally driver behaviour and driving habit analytics are helping the pilots take a conscious step towards good driving habit through in-cab coaching or post drive analysis with motivational incentives thrown into it.

In order to connect various stakeholders involved in the vehicle telematics, Telematics Wire is organizing VEHICLE TELEMATICS 2017 on April 7th 2017 Hotel Holiday Inn, New Delhi . This is the conference cum exhibition that brings together the experts practitioners and policy makers. It will serve as a forum to connect with the big players and discuss the business possibilities of vehicle telematics with the senior level executives from the industry.

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