“California may not want you, but we do” : Arizona to Uber

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After Uber was forced by DMV ,California to pull off its autonomous cars from the streets of San Francisco , it has been welcomed by Arizona to test its cars their state. Governor of Arizona Doug Ducey released a statement saying that Arizona welcomes the company with open arms.


Arizona welcomes Uber self-driving cars with open arms and wide open roads

The statement says “Arizona welcomes Uber self-driving cars with open arms and wide open roads. While California puts the brakes on innovation and change with more bureaucracy and more regulation, Arizona is paving the way for new technology and new businesses. In 2015, I signed an executive order supporting the testing and operation of self-driving cars in Arizona with an emphasis on innovation, economic growth, and most importantly, public safety. This is about economic development, but it’s also about changing the way we live and work. Arizona is proud to be open for business. California may not want you, but we do.”

Responding to it, Uber said in a statement “We’ll be expanding our self-driving pilot there in the next few weeks, and we’re excited to have the support of Governor Ducey,”
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