Modus Go™ for Business Brings Fleet Management and Driver Tracking to Any Size Operation

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Modus, a world leading end-to-end telematics solution provider today introduced Go™ for Business as part of its Modus Go™ platform:

a new commercial fleet management and driver tracking solution designed to meet the needs, and price point, of small to mid-sized commercial fleets and commercial insurance providers.

The solution is designed to deploy quickly and features intuitive fleet management capabilities, enabling virtually anyone in an organization to monitor and optimize fleet operations. Go™ for Business features both a web interface, and native mobile apps allowing fleet managers to keep an eye on vehicles from anywhere. Vehicles can be tracked using traditional telematics hardware, or a mobile app on the drivers’ phones.

“With the addition of Go™ for Business we are expanding our reach and impact to the commercial marketplace – with the potential to impact millions of new drivers.”

According to the research firm IHS, there are currently more than 7.7 million commercial vehicles on U.S. roads, the highest levels since the economic downturn of 2008. More than 80 percent of the U.S. commercial vehicle population is accounted for by small (1-10 vehicles) and medium-sized (11-500 vehicles) fleets.

“Until now, the small to mid-sized business owner has struggled to find an intuitive and cost-effective fleet management solution to fit their needs,” said Brandon Johnson, CEO of Modus. “With Go™ for Business as part of our solution suite, we are changing that equation.”

Go™ for Business provides fleet and driver management capabilities for small business owners. An intuitive and dynamic management dashboard for desktop or mobile devices serves as the control center for Go™ for Business, providing businesses with a full suite of tools, including:

  • The ability to manage all aspects of the fleet from any device; web, smartphone, or tablet
  • Vehicle tracking via a variety of telematics hardware, or a smartphone app on the drivers’ phones.
  • Vehicle health, including engine trouble codes, fuel level and battery health
  • Vehicle maintenance tracking and scheduling
  • Real-time tracking, including drive and idle times
  • Real-time location based alerts; including destinations and boundaries
  • Real-time notifications for alerts via push notification, SMS and email
  • Extensive reporting on all fleet metrics.
  • Driver behavior profiling, incident reporting and education
  • First notification of loss & collision assessment reporting

For commercial fleet operators and insurers, Go™ for Business can be seamlessly integrated, offering small and mid-sized businesses an app-based fleet management system designed to improve driver performance and safety with the goal of reducing incidents and claims. Go™ for Business automates the monitoring of driver behaviors, flagging incidents and offering immediate driver performance feedback and driver education tools.

The data collected through the Go™ for Business system can be used to help insurers refine their commercial insurance products, improve pricing and reinforce positive driving behaviors, potentially lowering claim costs for both insurer and insured and improving the safety of U.S. roads in general.

“The Modus Go platform is changing the dynamics of the marketplace,” said Modus’ Johnson. “With the addition of Go™ for Business we are expanding our reach and impact to the commercial marketplace – with the potential to impact millions of new drivers.”



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