Tesla new update follows traffic rules

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Tesla has rolled out an update v8.0 (2.50.114) which adds Supercharger amenities and key fob pairing to a driver’s auto profile. Tesla is to release version 8.1 OTA software update which is expected to enhance autopilot in vehicles equipped  with “hardware 2”, but it has not been released till now.

Tesla model 3

The 8.0.2 update has reportedly put limitation to Autosteer on cars. Tesla’s autopilot feature used to allow drivers to set the speed to be over the limit, but now it strictly follows the speed limits set by the traffic management authorities.

Tesla is now also listing amenities around Superchargers, it includes things like shops, eateries, bathrooms, and wi-fi locations. Owners can now program driver profiles to specific key fobs, now there is no need to change driver profiles, the car automatically sets the seat and steering wheel position according to the key fob used. Key fobs can even be used to fix user specific infotainment settings.

Autopilot update from Tesla is eagerly being awaited that will unlock some of the semi-autonomous driving functions that were disabled for the latest production vehicles.

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