HERE adds geofencing to Platform for Business

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HERE has added geofencing to its HERE Platform for Business, helping businesses to better track, monitor and enhance the safety of goods and people. Geofencing allows users to define a geographic boundary or perimeter, which can then be used to set up alerts when something enters or leaves the specified area.

Using this new extension to the HERE Platform for Business, businesses and developers can add geofencing capabilities to their service-site applications, enabling a number of different use cases.

Logistics companies, for example, can use geofencing to set up alerts when their delivery trucks are within 15 minutes of the warehouse so that personnel can be ready and waiting to unload the goods. Taxi services can use geofencing to be alerted when there are less than five available cars within a high-demand pickup zone, like an airport or a stadium on game day, helping them redirect cars to where potential passengers are located.

The new Geofencing Extension works in combination with other services available in the HERE Platform for Business. For example, using its isoline routing service users can define the area that can be reached from a specific spot, such as the company’s distribution centre, within a particular time or distance. They can then use the resulting polygon in combination with the Geofencing Extension to set up trigger alerts.



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